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Sensory Adaptation
Sensory adaptation refers to the phenomenon of tuning your perception to get as much useful information as possible. It takes the form of growing increasingly less sensitive to overwhelming or constant stimuli and regaining sensitivity slowly once the stimulus has passed. This is what happens once your nose grows “blind” to a smell.
Aromatherapy necklace help you regulate the stress levels in your life better. With an essential oil diffuser necklace, you carry your scents with you everywhere and can train the brain to associate certain scents with calmness and peace. That way, you will always feel it whenever you inhale that fragrance
In a regular diffuser, essential oil vapors are released constantly for an extended period. Your body adjusts relatively quickly and the olfactory receptors basically become “blind” to the aromatherapy molecules. This means that you could stop enjoying their benefits within as little as just a few minutes.

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