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Weight training is vital to your sports performance Tom Kuhnhackl Penguins Jersey , because if you are matched with someone in skill, then it will take speed, power, and strength to defeat your opponent on the court, field or in the ring.

Some athletes even coaches and trainers get confused with the deference between,bodybuilding or muscle building vs. weight training for strength and power for specific sports.

For example having huge muscular legs does NOT mean you can jump very high Greg McKegg Penguins Jersey , or run very fast; increased jumping ability comes from being able to lift with speed.

If the weight continues to increase and the speed stays the same, power and vertical jumping ability will increase only if you maintain your body weight.

When using weight lifting for sports the main goal is to improve and strengthen movements in your sport.
For example: If you want to run faster or jump higher, you need to perform compound exercises under resistance to mimic the same movement.

So if you do dead lifts, squats, power cleans,
snatches Bryan Rust Penguins Jersey , clean and jerk, vertical jumps, depth jumps, lunges, calve raises, you will help target and strengthen the jumping muscles in you legs and some in your upper body.

Also when doing the specific movement or exercise don't go past to point where the speed and power of the lift is reduced Justin Schultz Penguins Jersey , wait till you are fully rested, and increase the weight and do the same, on your last set you can do multiple sets with minimal rest in between with the heaviest weight for at least 3-5 reps, or do an all out total reps for more muscles growth and absolute power or strength.

Next time you do these exercises try for an extra rep or 2 on you all out max set(s) or multiple power sets.
Record your workouts for total weight lifted and the amount of time you take to rest and complete a series of exercises or sets.

Specific Compound Exercises for Sports in General:

1. Bench Press: You may think this exercise targets only the chest, but when done correctly should be using you whole body to help stabilize and lift the weight, this includes feet position Olli Maatta Penguins Jersey , should position, is your back arched or not?, and your elbow alignment, as well as grip placement, and path of your movement, and if you are bringing the bar to you nipple line or not Mario Lemieux Penguins Jersey , all these small things can make the difference of you benching 300lbs or not.

2. Squat: Again the squat targets most of your body, not just your legs. There are many variations of the squat.

For example, there is the traditional low or high squats, hack squats or 14 squats, scissor squats, sumo squats Phil Kessel Jersey , squats with the weight extended above your head with increase you back strength and power, but use less weight to start.

NOTE: Technique is also vital to increased power and strength to the reach the very max!
Mobility scoters have become a common way for the elderly and others with mobility issues to maintain there lifestyles with better ease. Weather you want to go around the block, get your mail, go to the shopping mall or grocery store, a mobility scooter can be used in a multitude of situations. Who needs a mobility scooter?A mobility scooter can be used for a multitude of reasons. Individuals with multiple sclerosis, leg injuries Patric Hornqvist Jersey , severe forms of arthritis, general fatigue, mild cerebral palsy, severe stroke, or seniors just plain tired of walking everywhere, has a use for scooters. If an individual has trouble walking everywhere whether because of an injury or fatigue they might want to explore getting a scooter to supplement some of your walking. Factors when buying a scooterWeightWhen buying Mobility scooters how much you weigh is an important factor. Standard power chairs generally have an weight capacity of 250 lbs 350 lbs. If you or a love one weighs over this amount Evgeni Malkin Jersey , the mobility scooter might be generally uncomfortable or parts of the scooter will break at an accelerated rated due to the stress of the excess weight. If you are close to the weight limit, you should factor in heavy objects which you are going to be carrying on the mobility scooter when it is in operation.Scooter dimensions. The size of the scooter is going to be important based on your environment. If you use your scooter indoors where the hallways are narrow and the corners are tight, then a smaller scooter with a small turning radius will be your better choice. You can find those measurements in the specifications section when review the details of any scooter.Scooter TypeDeciding on how you will use the scooter will tell you what type of mobility scooter that you need. 4 Wheel ScooterIf you feel that you will be using your wheel chair on tougher terrain such as rural areas, farms or grassy areas then a 4 wheel scooter will probably give you the best stability to ride comfortably in those areas. 3 wheel scooterBut if you want to be able to maneuver through tight spaces such as in your home, the mall, or generally places where there will be a lot of people Kris Letang Jersey , buying a 3 wheel scooter is your best option. Transporting the Mobility ScooterAs with any heavy piece of equipment transporting it from point A to point B has to be factored in. Transportation meansWill you have a car or a truck when transportation the scooter? If you have an large truck than transferring mobility scooters, especially the larger size models will be easier. More space means that the scooter can be easily loaded, transferred and unloaded with ease. But if you have an car and plan to carry your mobility scooter in the trunk of your car then a scooter that disassembles would be a better fit. Many scooters can be disassembled into three pieces, each piece generally weighing 15 34 pounds. StrengthWeight again should be factored, but this time it is for carrying weight. A scooter can weigh between 110 pounds and 190 pounds. So if you plan to transfer a full mob. MLB Jerseys Cheap   Custom Soccer Jerseys From China   Football Jerseys From China   Authentic NBA Jerseys China   Authentic NHL Jerseys Wholesale   Nike NFL Jerseys From China   Custom MLB Jerseys Cheap   College Football Jerseys Wholesale   Authentic NHL Jerseys From China   Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap

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